Celebrate Life with Sinclair & Moore
Steve and Jamie Moore with Sinclair & Moore by CGHunter Candle Sticks for holiday

Experience a partnership that celebrates life's meaningful moments – CG Hunter proudly collaborates with the renowned lifestyle team of Steve & Jamie Moore from Sinclair & Moore.

From milestones to everyday joys, we cherish them all, aiming to inspire you to do the same. With the exciting launch of the new signature product line, Sinclair & Moore by CG Hunter, join us on a journey of inspiration, where our signature products breathe new life into your cherished celebrations and even weekday dinners.

Sinclair & Moore by CG Hunter faux evergreen pine garland

Together, let's fortify our bonds, extend love to our communities, and revive the art of hospitality.

As we honor celebrating life and its beauty, let Sinclair & Moore by CG Hunter make every moment meaningful.

Sinclair & Moore by CG Hunter Christmas decorations - ornaments, garland, greenery

Our curated collection spans seasonal delights, holiday treasures, kitchen essentials, home décor, and beyond. Let our collaboration elevate your experiences and transform ordinary occasions into remarkable memories.

Celebrate with Sinclair & Moore by CG Hunter– because every moment deserves to be cherished and elevated.

Launching Holiday 2023 soon.

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