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  • The CG Hunter Orchid makes TARA TEASPOON'S Holiday Gift Guide for Best Gift for Hosts!
    The CG Hunter Orchid makes TARA TEASPOON'S Holiday Gift Guide for Best Gift for Hosts!

    GIFTS FOR HOSTS THAT CREATE ATMOSPHERE For the entertainer who loves to set the mood and create the right atmosphere, these gifts make a home and kitchen inviting. Speakers to set the mood, beautiful plants for all spaces, and the right soap in the bathroom create a welcoming place that guests will enjoy. CG Hunter Faux Plants: Gift your busy entertainer beautiful kitchen blooms with zero upkeep. 
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  • Home & Garden Inspirations from Fashion Tales
    Home & Garden Inspirations from Fashion Tales
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  • Imitating Nature - Benefits of Artificial Plants by Maryville University
    Psychological Benefits of Having Plants in Your House and Workspace - Faux Snake Plant

    Imitating Nature: The Benefits of Artificial Plants - The benefits of owning faux plants are multifold. Not only has it been shown to boost productivity, increase creativity, and help people feel more relaxed, but plants of all types and sizes help beautify spaces.
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  • Are Faux Plants making a comeback?
    Faux Succulents in modern round pot, realistic looking plants, artificial succulents, artificial fake plant

    Yes, faux plants have been making a comeback in recent years as they have become more realistic-looking and affordable. Many people are choosing faux plants over real ones for a...
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  • Feng Shui with CG Hunter Faux Plants
    CG Hunter Artificial Ficus Tree, most realistic looking faux tree on the market and comes in a modern upscale pot

    In Feng Shui, faux plants can be used to bring positive energy and enhance the flow of chi (life force energy) in a space. Here are some ways fake plants can help with Feng Shui:
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  • How to mix life-like artificial plants with real plants?
    Faux orchid for interior designers, hospitality, offices, and homeowners - looks just like the real orchid - beautiful blooms in a round modern pot

    Interior designers recommend mixing faux plants with real plants as a great way to add some variety and interest to your indoor home or even for your airbnb, hotel, restaurant or office. Here are some tips on how to do it:
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  • Why buy Life-Like Artificial Faux Plants?
    Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in modern pot - a perfect additional to your home or office - no watering required.  Top of the line faux plants - most life-like artificial plants on the market

    Overall, buying faux plants is a great option for those who want the look of plants in their home or office without the added maintenance and upkeep of real ones. Artificial plants are the perfect option for commercial settings like airbnb, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and even 2nd homes.
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