Faux Greenery

Faux Greenery

Incorporate the Christmas spirit into every corner of your home, beyond just the centerpiece tree. Elevate each room's ambiance with our lifelike garlands, wreaths, and trees, adding festive charm throughout your living space.

Our artisans worked tirelessly to create our faux cedar products. Prototype after prototype was produced until our garlands, wreaths and trees were so lifelike and natural. Each stem is hand painted with a touch of the golden-orange color that is characteristic of this classic evergreen.

Our stunning collection of lifelike greenery will transform your home into a winter wonderland. Discover wreaths, garland, and beautifully crafted trees that will add a touch of timeless charm to your festive celebrations. Our faux greenery captures the essence of nature, bringing the spirit of the season indoors with unmatched realism. Create lasting memories with our holiday greenery, meticulously designed to enhance your home's aesthetic while requiring no maintenance.

Shop now and make this holiday season truly magical with Sinclair & Moore by CG Hunter Faux Greenery.

photography by Mary Pastuh  

videos by Vanilla Film  

Holiday Collection Sinclair & Moore by CG Hunter

Our curated holiday collection was created to bring beauty into the world with collectible pieces intended to become part of your holiday traditions and home decor for years to come.

Ring in the holidays, decorate with confidence… and celebrate beautifully with Sinclair & Moore by CG Hunter.

Click to view our Issue No.1 Holiday 2023 Lookbook.