Your Reviews: On our Plants and Succulents

Your Reviews: On our Plants and Succulents

By CG Hunter

We take great pride in our mission of bringing you good quality products that last a lifetime. Although, what matters most to us is you! Let's take a look at some reviews of verified buyers to showcase our amazing Trees and Plants.

Premium Artificial Ficus Tree

Our Tree's:

"Hands down, close to real as it gets … great quality and looks great"

"I needed a fake plant because my dogs love digging in the dirt and eating leaves. I was able to spray this one with bitter orange to prevent them from chewing on it.

It is seriously nice - my husband had no idea it was artificial. The planter, bark and trees all look great, and I covered the artificial dirt with rocks to give it some additional character.

Overall, the plant is expensive, but it’s large and well-made and great quality, better than ones I’ve seen in e.g. Crate and Barrel."

"I needed to get some plants for our office but we're all so busy that adding something live and then trying to keep it alive is hard.
This tree is so beautiful and I can't even tell you how many people are shocked that it isn't live. They always have to feel it to verify but it even feels real.
It's definitely a investment piece but totally worth it!!"

"I have it next to our living room fireplace with a timed-light placed in the base pot for evening glow. It is excellent and adds variety to the room."

"I just love this faux olive tree. It is the perfect accent for my foyer and everyone that walks by it assumes it is real. Totally worth the price."

Our Plants:

"Well made."

"Definitely looks real."

"Good value - worth the price."

"I’ve been a big fan since discovering the CG Hunter plants and florals. I integrate them throughout my home as well as my client’s homes. As an interior designer and mother of four, maintaining plants falls to the bottom of the to-do-list. These florals look real but you don’t have to care for them. Simply place them in any room to give a little life and you’re done. I will say, they actually look so authentic, my housekeeper had to apologize for watering my plant after she discovered it wasn’t real."

Invest in a forever lasting home decor item that will wow you and your guests. We are extremely excited about the buzz around out Faux Greenery and hope you are as well. Feel free to review either on our website or our Amazon page to give us some feedback!

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