CG Hunter
Nurturing a Passion.

In the late 70's, Paula Senior began her career as a young sales representative selling housewares and home decor to various industries. During this time, she developed strong partnerships with large retailers, interior designers and merchandising directors, she continues to nurture those relationships while developing her own brand which is setting trends in home decor.

A blossoming company.

Wanting to see how much detail Senior could capture in each of her products to make them as life-like as possible, she explored using new materials and new ways of construction.

Having successfully produced products that are life-like, Senior was able to build her career by creating high-quality faux plants and producing holiday decor.

Successful growth.

Nearly a decade after Haven began to blossom, Senior adopted various local partners, in addition to adding hyper-realistic faux orchids and fig trees to her inventory - both of which are extremely popular products to this day and were on the forefront of the home decor trend.

In 2019, Senior re-branded Haven and gave it a new name inspired by her grandchildren, Charlotte, Georgia, and Hunter. Since then, CG Hunter has become a top-tier designer, producer, and distributor of luxury faux plants, flowers, holiday and home decor. The company continues to blossom as they dedicate themselves to delivering premium quality, unmatched value, and personalized customer care.