Designing with Texture: Add Depth to your Spaces

Designing with Texture: Add Depth to your Spaces

By CG Hunter

Texture plays a crucial role in interior design, adding depth, dimension, and visual interest to a space. While real plants have long been a go-to choice for introducing texture into interiors, faux greenery has evolved to offer an equally captivating alternative. With advancements in technology and craftsmanship, faux plants now feature lifelike textures that rival their living counterparts. One standout brand leading this trend is CG Hunter, known for their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to creating the "realest faux on the market." In this blog post, we'll explore how you can incorporate CG Hunter's faux greenery into various decor styles to elevate your home's design. 

The CG Hunter Difference 

What sets CG Hunter apart in the world of faux greenery is their dedication to replicating the natural textures and details of real plants. Each tree boasts hand-painted stems and leaves, ensuring that no detail is left behind. The result? Faux plants that not only look incredibly lifelike but also feel remarkably authentic to the touch. Let's dive into how you can integrate these realistic faux plants into different decor styles. 

 Modern Minimalism 

Minimalist interiors thrive on simplicity, clean lines, and a neutral color palette. To introduce texture without overwhelming the space, opt for sleek containers paired with CG Hunter's textured faux greenery. 

  1. Coastal Chic

Embrace the relaxed, beachy vibes of coastal decor by incorporating CG 

Hunter's faux greenery with a natural, weathered texture. 

  1. Bohemian

Bohemian interiors are all about layering textures, colors, and patterns for a cozy, eclectic feel. CG Hunter's lifelike faux greenery can add depth and vibrancy to boho-inspired spaces. 

  • Monstera Tree: The large, fenestrated leaves of the 5' Monstera Tree create a dramatic focal point, while its realistic texture enhances the room's bohemian charm. 
  • 5' Artificial Monstera Tree (
  1. Industrial Edge

Industrial-style interiors often feature raw, unfinished materials like metal and concrete. Incorporate CG Hunter's textured faux greenery to soften the space and add a touch of nature. 

  • Any CG Hunter Tree: Whether it's the Heart Ficus, Slim Olive, or Monstera Tree, CG Hunter's lifelike textures can seamlessly blend into industrial decor, creating a harmonious balance between nature and industrial elements. Pairing your tree with our square concrete planter will also elevate the industrial edge. 
  • 7' Artificial Laurel Tree (

Texture is a powerful design element that can transform any space, adding warmth, character, and visual intrigue. With CG Hunter's lifelike faux greenery, you can effortlessly incorporate texture into a variety of decor styles, from modern minimalism to bohemian chic and everything in between. 

Whether you're looking to enhance your home's aesthetic with a touch of nature or seeking low-maintenance greenery solutions, CG Hunter's faux plants offer unmatched realism and versatility. So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Elevate your interior design with CG Hunter's "realest faux on the market" and create a space that's both beautiful and timeless.

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