Ornaments & Accessories

Ornaments & Accessories

Collaborating with skilled artisans, we brought our vision to life, from the hand-blown ornaments and beautifully calligraphed banners to the hand-dyed ribbon and hand-painted cedar garlands. Every piece was designed with the intention to seamlessly harmonize with one another, making it effortlessly achievable to craft a unified and cohesive aesthetic.

photography by Mary Pastuh  

videos by Vanilla Film  

Holiday Collection Sinclair & Moore by CG Hunter

Our curated holiday collection was created to bring beauty into the world with collectible pieces intended to become part of your holiday traditions and home decor for years to come.

Ring in the holidays, decorate with confidence… and celebrate beautifully with Sinclair & Moore by CG Hunter.

Click to view our Issue No.1 Holiday 2023 Lookbook.