Midnight Star Collection

Midnight Star Collection

A Merry Christmas to ALL...
And to all a Good Night.

Collaborating with the skilled calligrapher Aileen Fretz, we've beautifully inscribed the timeless words from the beloved tale. Our paper garlands can be rolled, tucked, and interwoven into your Christmas tree, garlands, and wreaths, seamlessly creating a flowing holiday greeting. These garlands are expertly glittered to perfectly complement our beaded ornaments and glitter stars, making coordination effortless as you decorate. For an ideal tabletop presentation, combine them with our garlands, brass candlesticks, and Floral Society Candles.

photography by Mary Pastuh  

videos by Vanilla Film  


Holiday Collection Sinclair & Moore by CG Hunter

Our curated holiday collection was created to bring beauty into the world with collectible pieces intended to become part of your holiday traditions and home decor for years to come.

Ring in the holidays, decorate with confidence… and celebrate beautifully with Sinclair & Moore by CG Hunter.

Click to view our Issue No.1 Holiday 2023 Lookbook.